Who Made the Quiet Time Rules, Anyway?

We’ve all heard it before, but who said it first? Who said you should spend a prescribed amount of time with a devotional book, prayer journal and a cup of coffee each day before the sun rises in order to have a quiet time?

What if you have a baby who won’t sleep through the night?

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What if you hot flash most of the night and getting up at 6 AM sounds impossible since you just fell asleep for the fourth time at 4 AM?

What if you can’t think clearly in the morning? What if you are always surrounded by kids, employees, co-workers or family?

And, what if you can’t have the picturesque quiet time experience because you don’t like coffee?! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding).

Yes, it’s ideal to get up early and spend time alone with God first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day and guard that precious time alone with Him.

In fact, that is the example of Christ. Even when He was exhausted, He still woke up and spent time praying (Mark 1: 35). But, Mark only reports that one time. It doesn’t mean it only happened one time, but, we only know of this one time.

Jesus could have gotten alone with God on different days at different times and in different ways. Maybe sometimes Jesus stayed awake after the disciples went to sleep to pray. Or, maybe he prayed on his commutes (read: long walks!).

How you meet with God is not nearly as important as meeting with God.
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I guess what I’m saying is … girl, give yourself a break. Show yourself some grace.

If you have trouble pulling off a traditional “quiet time” first thing in the morning, don’t fret.

How you meet with God; when you meet with God; what books, journals, music you bring along when you meet with God are not nearly as important as just meeting with God.

It may be in the shower; it may be in front of a sink of dishes. It may be behind the wheel of your car or sitting in row 33B at 33,000 feet in the air. It may be at 5 AM on your back porch alone or it may be on your knees in your closet at 2 in the afternoon. It may be on a treadmill at the gym at 8 PM.

The point is that God wasn’t the one who told us we need certain books, journals and time slots.

We need to be more concerned with spiritually being than religiously doing.

If we are not careful, the trappings of a quiet time can become the ritual that actually keeps us from the relationship.

When you approach the Lord, focus on Him – not the how. The result? You’ll be able to truly meet with Him.

Question: What do you think? How do you most enjoy your time with God?

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