Your Doors Aren’t Really Your Doors

“That’s what we gotta do this year soldiers—TRUST. We gotta trust God to open doors. Close doors. CREATE doors. BE the door.”

That was a tweet I saved from @KirkFranklin a little while ago, because it really made me think. Did you notice that he calls us soldiers? You, me, us— we’re soldiers.

We are all together, on the winning team, and striving upward and onward. Thinking of the new year like that really does ground me in Truth. It makes the times I waver or question myself a little less daunting to overcome. You and me, we’re on the winning team, sister.

But, there’s another thing about Kirk’s tweet that makes me think about this new year. See how he talks about doors?


He points out that it is God who opens and closes doors. It’s not you and me that makes doors open or close. We don’t push hard enough with our own might; it is God. God is sovereign – the Author and Finisher of our faith.

He makes a way for us in this life.

Kirk also acknowledges something I don’t always think about. It is God who creates doors in our lives. He has plans we cannot fathom, because His ways are not always our ways. He is the way-maker; opportunities truly come from Him.

He is The Door.

As God opens, closes and creates doors for you this coming year, take time to remember that He is not only “The Door,” but He is your Door
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In John 10: 9, Jesus calls Himself The Door of the sheep.

To really grasp what Jesus was saying by calling Himself “The Door,” it’s helpful to understand a little of ancient culture and shepherding. The image that would come to mind when a first century hearer listened to Jesus’ Words was a sheep pen in the countryside. This was where the shepherd would keep his flocks when the weather was good.

This type of sheep pen was simply a rough circle of rocks piled into a wall with a small opening which became a gate or door through which the shepherd would drive the sheep in at night. Since there was no gate to close — just an opening — the shepherd would keep the sheep in and wild animals out by lying across the opening. He would sleep there; he would literally be the door to the sheep.

See what Jesus is saying to us? Jesus is telling us that He is not only the shepherd of the sheep, but also the door of the sheep. He’s helping us see that He is our protector and defender. He is our Provider and shelter.

He is lovingly reminding us that He is the Way in to safety.

Every door that God opens, closes or creates is just an extension of His role as “The Door.” Every door you encounter this coming year will be a reflection of Jesus’ care for you – His protection, provision and shepherding in your life.

So, as God opens, closes and creates doors for you this coming year, take time to remember that He is not only “The Door,” but He is your Door. He invites you in to be safe and found in Him.

Question: What is one of your prayers or hopes for this new year?

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