Your Favorites in 2013

As we wrap up this year (and recover from Christmas!), I thought I’d share the 5 most-read posts of the year. As we reflect on this past year, I hope these posts encourage your heart!


#1 Stress or Confess

Isn’t it amazing how God uses stress to make Himself more real to us? In this post I shared about the chaotic morning that ensued after my alarm decided to take a day off … on the morning of our last and biggest Fresh Grounded Faith event of the year. I had a choice … stress or confess?

#2 Am I Praying to God or Worrying to God? written by my daughter-in-law Caroline

Sometimes we start our prayers “Dear God,” but then our minds wander and start to worry. Other times our minds start to write the ending to our stories instead of surrendering. Caroline invites you to start again and rest knowing that God hears you, He has His plans ready for you, and suffering draws you to Him.

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Top 5 posts of the year! My hope is that these posts encourage your heart as we wrap up this year. [Click to Tweet]

#3 My Husband Doesn’t Fulfill Me also written by Caroline (I’m glad you love her too!)

Our husbands can love us, but they can never fulfill us. Though we may have God-fearing, patient, and loving husbands, they cannot possibly fulfill us … because they’re not able. They’re not supposed to. The Lord reserves this role for Himself.

#4 5 Tips on How to Live A Miserable Life

Here are 5 tips to help you live a miserable life. This light-hearted approach to looking at our perspectives will guide your mindset toward gratitude.


#5 Eavesdropping #Guilty

I was so happy when I realized this post was on the top 5, because this post is about my favorite author – C.S. Lewis! This post all started because I was eavesdropping. It’s not because I am nosey that I eavesdrop … it’s because I’m blind! I can’t help that I hear really, really well. Read along to listen in on what I heard.

Thank you, friends, for journeying with me this past year. See you next year!

Question: What is one thing you learned this past year?

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