My Christmas Blunder


Anyone notice anything off in the Christmas greeting above? If you didn’t, you’re my kind of gal!

If you take another look, you’ll see that “we pray God’s richest blessing APON your holiday and the coming new year.” Apon? Yep, that’s what our Christmas card said.

I am an author and Phil is a professor and we printed a typo into last year’s Christmas letter!

Ever had a Christmas card typo as bad as this one?
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So, this year, I decided we won’t have a Christmas letter. It’s not because I fear more typos, it’s because I am too busy enjoying Christmas to write about it! I just love this time of year.

So, with that in mind …

I do wich you a Mary christmus and I hope yur new yeer is wundurfel. You are so speical too me and phil and we r greatfull we get to bee apart off yur lives.

Bless you, dear peeps! Seriously, I do love you and pray God’s richest blessings “apon” your Christmas and new year!


Question: Have you ever made a Christmas blunder? Share with us! We can laugh at ourselves together.

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