Welcome to Where You Are


My friend Judy sent me the best email this week. The subject line read “Welcome to the Fifties!” I feel honored to be in the club. I have to share what she wrote, because the great thing is that no matter what your age, her “welcome” will apply to you. It’s a great reminder to be present and enjoy where you are, because where you are is a great place to be.


It makes me wonder how different – and how much better – our lives would be if we saw every year, every day as a place we get to enter? What if we saw each moment as an experience that we welcomed? When you read her email, you might just get a clue of what that outlook looks like.


I want to welcome you to the 50’s. It’s a grand place where you have officially gained enough wisdom that “some” people will listen to you (children!). It is also a place where you know a lot of things that will work and will not work – including a few body parts – and this will give you a few excuses when they aren’t all working. Being in your 50’s also gives you a reason for some additional R & R.

But mostly, for all of the things you have learned from the Lord over the years, these years for me are grander, more joyous and more adventuresome as I feel more at home “in my own skin” than ever before.

Though the physical struggles may be more, the joy is more overflowing too. Gratitude seems more magnificent, as I’m so grateful not only for each day, but each moment and each person that passes my way!

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Love ya, Judy

P.S. I’m praying you find many more reasons to be grateful to be 50!

No matter what your age, may I be the first to tell you … “Welcome! Welcome to where you are!”  I hope this day, this moment, this year, this decade is a grand place where you grow and enjoy.

I would write more but, hey, I am 50! I gotta a lot of celebrating to do!

Question: What blessings come with your current stage of life?


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