Come Into My World, Jesus

I bet your world is full of holiday hustle, right?

During this season, in the midst of Christmas parties, plans, and pandemonium,  I need to stop and breathe.


Do you?

I mean, I – we — need to stop and breathe in the beauty, the meaning, the radical impact of Christmas.   So, I wrote a simple prayer to center me and maybe it will help you too.

Let’s take a moment to “let every heart prepare Him room” as the Christmas carol says.

Pray with me this simple prayer that invites Jesus into your Christmas… into your world.

Come into my world, Jesus. 

My world is broken and You come in anyway.

Jesus made Himself breakable so we could know Him and find wholeness.
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You call Yourself the Bread of Life, not just because You feed my soul, but because, like bread, You made Yourself  broken. You made Yourself breakable so I could know You and find wholeness in You.

Come into my brokenness this Christmas, Jesus.   I welcome You.

Come into my world, Jesus.

My world is chaos and you come in anyway. You enter in as The Prince of Peace — my Prince of Peace.

You lift the scepter of Your sovereignty over my troubled Sea of Galilee and speak, “Peace, be still,” and suddenly, my ocean of chaos settles.

In our chaotic world, Jesus enters as our Prince of Peace.
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Come into my chaos this Christmas Jesus. I welcome You.

Come into my world, Jesus. My world is dark and you come in anyway.

You say You are The Light of the world — the Light of my world. Without You, I can’t see my value, my purpose, or my treasures.

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You shine through the shadows of my fear and illuminate hope when midnight presses in.

Come into my Darkness this Christmas Jesus. I welcome You.

You call Yourself Prince of Peace… I call You my peace.

You call Yourself Light of the world, I call You my light.

You call Yourself bread of life, I call you my bread — my life.

You call Yourself Christ, I call You Christmas.

I welcome You  bread of Life, Prince of Peace, Light of the World.

Jesus shines through our shadows of fear and illuminates hope.
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I welcome You, Christ. I welcome You into my world This Christmas. Amen.

In the comments below, share your prayer for Christmas this year.

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