Your Favorite Blog Posts from 2015

Can I just tell you how much I appreciate you hanging out with me on my blog and having “Java with Jennifer” this past year?! You dear readers are the best!


And, you let me know by your comments and shares which blogs filled your cup, or lit your fire, or… well… put simply, which blogs were your favorites!

So, as the year winds up, I figured I would feature the blogs you liked the best from the last 12 months! Let’s just sample a few sips of Java from 2015 together — maybe they will be sweeter the second time, and if you’re new to this great bunch of coffee buddies, pour yourself a tall something that is warm and refreshing, pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of inspiration — okay, 5 cups of inspiration to be exact!

Your Favorite Blog Posts From 2015
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And if something you read blesses you or makes you smile or helps you get through the day, pass it along! I bet there’s somebody in your life who is thirsty for the good things of God. Simply click on each title to read each post.

Happy New Year!

5) The 4 C’s of Bible Study


We have great intentions when it comes to spending time with God, right? We want to dig deep in His Word and soak up all He has to show us, but if we’re being honest (and what’s the point if we’re not?!?) sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, isn’t it?

My goal when I study scripture is to know God better and become more like Him.
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In this post, I share four practical ways to stay focused while studying the Bible. And they all start with the letter “C” so they’re easy to remember and apply to your life!

4) How to Get Through What You Can’t Get Over


Insecurity, doubt, disappointment… they plague us all at one time or another, don’t they? For me, blindness can sometimes make me feel invisible, even though you would think it would be the other way around.

When you can’t overcome your feelings of insecurity, over write them with God’s truth.
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While I may have moments where I can’t overcome those feelings, they are just that — feelings, not facts, and God is teaching me to overwrite those feelings with His truth. In this post I share how God taught me to overwrite my feelings of invisibility with the reality of who I am in Him, and He will do the same for you too!

3)How to Turn Worry Into Peace


A desperate email from a chronic-worrier sister prompted this post. It’s rare that one email does that, but I knew in my heart she wasn’t the only one. Not by far. Worry is rampant among us, isn’t it?!?

When worry starts to chatter in your brain, turn it into a prayer.
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If we’re not careful, it quickly becomes a form of meditation, and that’s not anywhere near the way God created us to live. In this post you will find encouraging advice on turning worry into peace through prayer.

2) How to Find Rest When You Are Worn Out


Earlier this year, my two closest friends and I “ran away” for a bit. We needed a recharge… a reset, so to speak. As we spent that day on the lake talking and praying, sharing our hearts, our burdens, the things we wished we had done differently, we realized just how much alike we are. And we were reminded more than ever, that while days like that are much-needed, the best thing we can ever do when we feel depleted is to run into the arms of Jesus.

You may be worn out and want to run away, but run into the arms of Jesus instead.
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 He is the source of our strength, the reminder we need that He is with us and we are enough. I pray that each of you sisters have friends alongside you to encourage your hearts when needed… I pray even more that you have a relationship with Jesus, and that you know to run straight into His arms. He is the ultimate source of restoration.

And the one that was your standout favorite?!?

1) What Your Response Should Be to Hardship


Hardship. An opportunity to practice faith, or to run scared, right? As Christians, dealing with the hard stuff has potential to bring better days, depending on how we respond to it. It all comes down to discipline, and even though we tend to cringe at that word, it really is a good thing!

Stay close to God, faithfully following Him, no matter how bumpy the road gets.
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Hardship does not equal punishment. In this post, I list four approaches to hardship, and the ones that will make us faithful, fruitful followers of Christ.

What was one encouraging thing you learned this year? Share in the comments below.


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