Can I Connect My Struggles to God’s Promises? [Episode 66 With Gwen Smith]

Are you ever afraid to be vulnerable about your struggles because you worry that if you do, you’ll be identified by them?

Oh, girl, sometimes I’ve felt that way.

If you’ve been listening to the 4:13 Podcast for a while, you know by now that I’m blind. And, sometimes I go through seasons where I resist and resent blindness. I get tired of it being the main thing in my life. You know, the one big thing that identifies me. Blindness has been a difficult mercy to have to address constantly, but I believe it also neutralizes any sense of pretense.

If you’ve got a problem, God’s got a promise. [Click to Tweet]

When I talk about it, I’m just Jennifer and I’ve got my stuff—which doesn’t only include blindness—believe me! (We won’t discuss all the other stuff I deal with … not in these show notes anyway! Ha!)

We all struggle with something. And, that one thing we often try to hide and resist is the one thing that God is saying, “No, that’s what you don’t hide. That’s a place where My strength shows. That’s what you celebrate because that’s where grace exists.”

But that’s hard, right? Maybe you’re even wrestling with that now.

Here are four practical ways to connect your struggles to God’s promises. [Click to Tweet]

The good news is that God’s Truth can meet us in the middle of our struggles. And, where we struggle most can be the place we experience the deepest intimacy with God. Because, if you’ve got a problem, I guarantee that God’s got a promise!

So how do you connect your struggles with God’s promises?

Well, Gwen Smith is on the 4:13 Podcast today, and she’s going to share how to do just that.

If you aren’t familiar with my friend Gwen yet, you’re going to love her! She’s a singer-songwriter, author, speaker, and the host of the Graceologie Podcast. Gwen is also the co-founder of Girlfriends in God. She’s a wife and mom who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and today she’s a 4:13er.

For Gwen, her struggles include the pain of abortion. She talks candidly about it and the power and healing she found in God’s Word. Gwen’s going to help you learn four practical steps you can take to connect your struggles to God’s promises. It’s a powerful conversation!

Steps to Connect Your Struggles to God’s Promises

  1. Read the Word. Gwen says that one of the things that stand in the way of receiving the promises of God is not knowing them. She shares that if you want to move forward and break past barriers in your pain, you have to first understand who God is. You have to know what His Word says and what His promises actually are. This knowing happens when you spend time reading His Word.
  2. Record what you observe. As you read, Gwen says you record observations. What do you see happening? What emotions are taking place here? What’s the historical context? You record the who, what, why, when, how, and where of what you are reading in God’s Word.
  3. Reflect on the passage. Next, Gwen shares that you allow the truth of what you’re reading to inform the way you’re believing and behaving. She notes that this is where the depth comes in and where you grow. You ask yourself questions like, “How can this apply to my believing and behaving today? What truths do I see here? What precepts do I see here that could help me move forward beyond my obstacles and challenges today?”
  4. Respond to God. Lastly, Gwen says you write a simple prayer of response in light of what you’ve read and reflected on. Talk to Him about your struggles and focus on His promises.

Friend, you can connect anything that you deal with to God’s Word, because ultimately, Jesus is the Word of God, and He came that you might have life. So whatever you face and whatever you’re feeling today, don’t forget that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

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