Help! I Married My Opposite

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Today is the final day of my nerdy birthday bash! It’s hard to see it go, but today I have a special guest on my blog. You will love him – I sure do! He doesn’t write on my blog often, but his name is mentioned very often. Without further ado, please welcome my husband – Dr. Phil! Take it away Phil!


When I married Jennifer, I married my opposite.

How did this happen?

I like sports; she likes the spa.
I like loud parties; she likes quiet moments.
I like groups; she likes being one-on-one.
I like shopping online; she likes visiting every single store in the mall.
I like weak coffee; she likes strong coffee.


I like stacks and clutter; she likes bins and files.
I like doing tasks all at once; she likes doing tasks a little bit at a time.
I like to be spontaneous; she likes to plan.
I like to be the center of attention; she likes to blend in.
I like thinking through things; she likes getting things done.

I like my songs on shuffle; she likes themed playlists.
I like fast boats; she likes lazy floats.
I like the most current business books; she likes the oldest books written by dead authors.
I like buying…with coupons; she likes buying…right now.
I like playing sports; she likes playing the piano.
I like paper plates; she likes fine china.
I like our house warm and toasty; she likes it cold and frosty.

I like her … just the way she is!


I am so glad I married my opposite … a nerd!

At least that’s what she calls herself anyway. And, the reason she calls herself a nerd? She is a diehard C.S. Lewis fan and loves to learn.

Being married to a nerdy wife means she is productive with her mind. Her obsessive love of reading makes her an interesting companion and a better parent.

She also calls herself a nerd because she loves to travel and learn about new places. She is always packed and ready to go somewhere and her passport is one of her most prized possessions. I love that because travel broadens her perspective.

Every husband needs a nerdy wife, right?!
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I like that she reads everything from astronomy to the biography of cancer, from Jane Austen to John Grisham! It enriches our conversations and adds detail to our life experiences.

Even though I am a professor, I’m pretty sure she is a bigger nerd than me … but every man needs a nerdy wife. She makes him a better man!

I am grateful I married my opposite. Our differences make us better. And, I wouldn’t want her to be any other way. If I married someone with whom I had everything in common, I would have married myself and that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun!

P.S. I must confess. She’s not really the only nerd in the family. Curious? Check out this picture of us from 1988! Jennifer and I did a little routine early in marriage. My name….Nicky B. Nerd

And, we seem to be raising a nerd too! Here’s a picture of our youngest son, Connor, a few years back.

Nerdly yours, Dr. Phil


It’s Jennifer here again. Thanks for letting my Dr. Phil be my guest on the blog today! And, thank you for celebrating my birthday with me all week long. I’ve loved setting my inner nerd free, and I hope you have too!

Today is the last day to enter the Swag Bag contest, so grab your last entries and be on the lookout for the winner tomorrow morning!


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Question: Are you married to your opposite? Or, to whom are you so…opposite?


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