Missing Pieces Launch Team Activities

Hello friends. Our campaign is currently over for the Missing Pieces Bible study launch. However, we welcome you to participate in any of the activities below. We can always use help spreading the word! We would also love for you to consider being a part of Jennifer’s Sole Sister team. These are friends of Jennifer’s that are privy to all of the inside scoop on everything Jennifer! If you would like to join please email me at marci@jenniferrothschild.com and I’ll be happy to get you signed up![/info_box]

Welcome Missing Pieces Launch Team!

Hey everyone it’s Marci. Are you ready to get started friends? This page will serve as the information page where we will post various resources and tasks for Launch Team Members. We hope you will become an active cheer leader to spread the word about Missing Pieces and support Jennifer. Below you will find all the Launch Team tasks and various freebies for active participants. Okay team let’s let everyone know about Missing Pieces, so all can experience Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense! Blessings, Marci

Thank you to all who have helped launch Jennifer’s Bible study, Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. We have received countless email from people who have been touched personally by this study. I can’t thank you enough for the part you have had in getting it into the hands of people who desperately need to find hope in their broken and missing pieces. If you are just joining this launch team, feel free to take part in any of the challenges below. Any effort you make will continue to reach people with the hope found in God’s word.   Blessings, Marci

Launch Team Task #8

Well, we made it to our final week. Thanks for hanging in there with us. If you didn’t get to hear our Launch Team teleconference with Jennifer on Thursday, you can listen to it in its entirety below. For our last week we want to promote Jennifer’s interview with LifeWay at lifechangemoments.com. Here’s what to do: Everyday this week go to lifechangemoments.com, listen to the interview and then write a post on Twitter or Facebook to prompt people to listen.  Make sure to provide a link and don’t forget our hashtag #MissingPiecesStudy and @jennrothschild. We also want to promote Jennifer’s 15-Day Faith Builder. If you haven’t signed up for this yet, I want to encourage you to do it! You will be so encouraged each and every day by a word from Jennifer. Many of you have come up with some great Tweets and Posts and of course we love reading all of them. Congrats to our 3 winners @joyfulltoo, @charwaltt, and @heartcures. You all have won a $10 gift certificate to Jennifer store! Way to go! Stay tuned later on this week for one more chance to talk to Jennifer! Blessings, Marci Robertson


Instant Replay of our Teleconference with Jennifer Rothschild

If you missed our Live chat with Jennifer, never fear – we recorded it for you! Enjoy.


Launch Team Task #7 – Share Your Heart

Get on Facebook and Twitter this week and share one thing that was an encouragement, lesson learned, or a phrase that spoke to you from Missing Pieces.   Don’t forget to tag Jennifer in the post by putting an @sign in front of her name.  Also be sure to use our hash tag whenever you can. #MissingPiecesStudy   You can use this link to link them to our webpage too: http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   **Note: Jennifer’s Twitter name is @jennrothschild   Have fun and be a little creative.   We will choose three posts to receive a $10 gift certificate from Jennifer’s store, so post away!By the way congratulations to our three winners for Task #5. They are (drum roll please…) 1.     Jennifer McLemore 2.     Angie Vallejo 3.     Teri Lynne Underwood   Thanks Ladies for your extra efforts!   Blessings, Marci


Launch Team Task #6 –  Facebook it, Tweet it!

Today we want you Tweet and Facebook the posts below. Simply copy and paste into your feed (you know the drill).   Missing Pieces @jennrothschild helps you experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache. http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Want to know how to have a greater sense of peace through every storm you face? #MissingPiecesStudy @jennrothschild. http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Missing Pieces @jennrothschild teaches you how to strengthen your faith when you feel beat down by life. http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Want to know how to experience stability when tidal waves of emotion hit? #MissingPiecesStudy @jennrothschild. http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Learn to Trust God more than your feelings. #MissingPiecesStudy @jennrothschild. http://bit.ly/S4mGIvAs always thanks for all you do Launch Team. You’re the best! Marci

Launch Team Task #5 – Blog, Blog, Blog

Are you ready for a little Launch Team contest? Jennifer wants to get to know you, our fantastic Launch Team members, on a more personal level. So we have come up with a writing contest just for our Launch Team Members.  Here’s the deal… We want to hear personal stories about a time in your life when you asked one of the questions Jennifer asks in her book Missing Pieces, such as…

  1. God, Do You Care?
  2. God, Are You Fair?
  3. God, Are You There?
  4. God, Are You Aware?
  5. God, Do You Hear Prayer?
  6. God, Do You Err?

We want you to share this on your personal blogs or email your stories to marci@jenniferrothschild ministries by Monday, September 3rd.  Be sure to include this link in your blog https://www.jenniferrothschild.com/missingpieces/   Don’t have a blog? Feel free to post your story on the Missing Pieces page in the comment section. Don’t forget to notify me that you placed it there by sending me an email to marci@jenniferrothschild.com.   Jennifer and the amazing Dr. Phil (Jennifer’s husband/manager) will choose 2 winners. Each winner will receive…

  • A signed copy of the Missing Pieces Member book with DVD sampler for you to keep or give to a friend.
  • The winners and their essays will be featured on Jennifer’s personal blog in the month of September.
  • Plus, a personal writing consultation with Jennifer and Dr. Phil. You will learn about Jennifer’s writing process, speaking tips, and their top ten list of tools.

We hope you will share your heart and be an encouragement to others. We can’t wait to read your entries.   P.S. Don’t forget to keep Tweeting and Facebooking to promote Missing Pieces. And, don’t forget to use the @jennrothschild and #MissingPiecesStudy to tag your post. Have a Blessed Day, Marci Here is a little message from Jennifer and Lucy to you…

Launch Team Task #4 – Sweet Tweets

In honor of Jennifer’s favorite sweet (dark chocolate) we have some fun sweet tweets for you to send out today. Copy and paste these into your Twitter (or Facebook) feed and let’s make people’s mouths water to taste Missing Pieces.   Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen…but God does. #MissingPiecesStudy by @jennrothschild http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Satisfy your sweet truth with God #MissingPiecesStudy by @jennrothschild http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Let not your heart be truffled…Let God fill your Missing Pieces by @jennrothschild #MissingPiecesStudy http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   Find the sweetness of the Savior in the bitterness of life @jennrothschild #MissingPiecesStudy. http://bit.ly/S4mGIv   P.S. Feel free to do your own creative tweets too. Just remember to use the #MissingPiecesStudy and tag Jennifer using @jennrothschild. If you don’t follow Jennifer already on Twitter – giver her a follow. https://twitter.com/jennrothschild If you missed watching our behind the scenes look at the filming of Missing Pieces here it is…

Launch Team Task #3 – Pin It!

Jennifer, like many of you,  has entered the fun world of Pinterest.  So this week lets have some fun “pinning” Missing Pieces on Pinterest.  First of all make sure to follow Jennifer on Pinterest by clicking hereand then clicking follow me on Pinterest button (on the right side). From here you can repin any thing you would like from Jennifer’s Missing Pieces pin board onto your own board. Just click on a photo or video and “pin it.” Also, feel free to Tweet or Facebook any thing you pin. Don’t forget, you have till tomorrow Friday August 17th to write your review on Amazon.com to get Jennifer’s Lessons I Learned in the Dark Audio Book FREE! P.S. Also, check out the Missing Pieces Freebies on the link above. You’ll find our character quiz, recipes, and Jennifer’s Take Me to the Cross Video for download as well as many other goodies! Blessings, Marci

Launch Team Task #2 – Invite Your Friends to Join Us

We are off to a great start Launch Team! Are you ready for Task #2? How about we invite all of our friends on Facebook and Twitter to join our special group?  All you have to do is copy and paste one of the Facebook posts or Twitter posts below into your status bar. I always say the more the merrier –  right?  Facebook Hey friends I just joined Jennifer Rothschild’s Launch Team for her brand new Missing Pieces Bible study and you can too! There are lots of terrific giveaways and prizes. http://bit.ly/Qmwo7z Join me to help Jennifer Rothschild launch her brand new Bible study Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense and receive a sneak peek http://bit.ly/Qmwo7z  Twitter Join me to help @jennrothschild launch her brand new Bible study Missing Pieces. http://bit.ly/Qmwo7z Awesome new Bible study #MissingPieces by@jennrothschild. Join me to help her launch it. http://bit.ly/Qmwo7z  Blessings, Marci


Launch Team Task #1 – Write a Review

Our Launch Team mission is to spread the word about Missing Pieces, so our first task will be to get familiar with Missing Pieces. We know this first task will take some time to do so we are giving you through Friday, August 17th to accomplish it. To those that do, you will be rewarded a FREE download copy of Jennifer’s best selling Lessons I Learned in the Dark audio book. (WOW, that’s a $22 value)           Here’s what to do… 1. At the very least, read the Introduction and then watch the Introduction (Session 1) Video of  Missing Pieces. You’ll find the video and first week of study here . (Of course we hope you’ll also be one of the first to purchase your own copy of the Bible study.) 2. Once you feel comfortable with the material and subject, we would love for you to write a review on Amazon.com To submit a customer review: you need to use an Amazon account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of ANY physical or digital item. Free digital downloads don’t qualify. You don’t need to have purchased the product you’re reviewing. There’s a 48-hour waiting period after your first physical order has been completely shipped, or your digital item has been purchased, before you’ll be able to submit your review. 3. E-mail a copy of your review to marci@jenniferrothschild.com 4. I will email you the link and password to your FREEaudio book on or about August 17 I can’t wait to share all your reviews with Jennifer. Blessings, Marci P.S. Don’t have an account at Amazon? This would be a perfect time to make a first purchase.  Still not able?  Email me at marci@jenniferothschild.com for another option.

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19 thoughts on “Missing Pieces Launch Team Activities

  1. This is exciting!  I’ve already learned so much from Jennifer and love these answers to my faith questions.

    •  Judy, I’m so glad you are excited about the study. Pray that God will continue to use it powerfully in people’s lives.

  2. WOW!  I watched the intro and watched the first video.  Walked away choked up, convicted, and wanting more.  THIS to me is going to be The Bible Study of the Year and EVERY Woman MUST read this.

    I’ve facebooked and tweeted my friends.  God is already whispering to me about teaching this Bible Study to the Women of my church.  THANK YOU GOD for Jennifer Rothschild.

    • Alicia, I’m so glad to hear how you have been impacted by this study so far. I hope you get the opportunity to lead it. Thanks for sharing and pray that it will have the same impact in others lives.

  3. I just finished the intro and just love the way Jennifer elaborates on the scripture with such passion.  She is so down to earth in sharing her experiences. 

    I am going to Facebook about it right now and Tweet as well.  I, like one of the other comments below, feel that God is prodding me to consider leading this with ladies in my church as well.  There are so many hurting women (and men) that would be so encouraged and challenged by this study.  I am reminded of the verse in Isaiah that God’s word does not return void.  As His word goes out from the mouth of Jennifer, I know it will accomplish amazing things in the lives of many women.  

    • Thanks Donna for all your efforts to share with others. We too believe that God has some great things in store for the participants of this study. If you get to lead the study, keep us posted and let us know how it goes.

  4. Hi! Finally am getting to post! Back towards the end of July I went to my local LifeWay store to look at Bible studies to see which one or ones I wanted to consider for the group I lead at my house on Tuesday nights. I usually choose a couple of them and let them see which one they want to do. I saw Jennifer’s Missing Pieces on the shelf. (I have done several of Jennifer’s Bible studies myself and love them and Jennifer!) When I read the intro my heart started beating outside my chest, my palms started sweating and I said, “Ok, Lord, I get the message! They don’t get to choose this time! THIS is the one YOU have for us!” So I picked up the book and brought it home. I got online to look for the free downloadables and was so surprised to see that it wasn’t even suppose to come out until August 1st!! Definite confirmation that this was the Bible Study God has for my group of young ladies! I was able to go ahead and purchase the study video downloads and I have been working through the first session slowly. It is wonderful! I can see why God has it for myself and the other 4 in the group. I can’t wait to see what God is up to when we start this study September 4th!!

    • Oh Jennifer, It gives me goosebumps to see God’s hand working. So excited that you will be able to share this study with a group of ladies. We here at Jennifer Rothschild Ministries will pray that it will make a huge impact on each of your lives. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We have finished our first week of Missing Pieces and the young ladies in my Tuesday night group love it and they are loving Jennifer! As we discussed last night I heard them talk about tears they shed as they worked the workbook through the week, so God is definitely getting into their hearts, just like He’s been getting into mine! I’m starting on Week 3 – I’m staying ahead of them as their leader/mentor! Oh it is a perfect mixture of understanding and conviction and ah-ha moments! Thank you Jennifer for allowing God to use you and your struggles to grow you and then pass them along to us! Love you sweet sister!

  6. Every session Jennifer says she will come back after our discussion. Where do i find those videos please? We are loving the study but feel we sre missing something so please help.

    • Hi Linda,

      This is Ashleigh from Jennifer’s ministry team. On the DVD videos, what you’ll need to do is pause the video instead of stopping it. The video isn’t actually over yet when Jennifer says that. After your discussion, you can then continue playing the video from where you previously paused it. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


      Ashleigh, JR Ministry Team