Sand in My Shoes and Joy in My Heart – FGF Highlights, Tampa Bay, FL

It was so fun being back in Florida — I grew up in that great state and I still have sand in my shoes!  The breeze was balmy and the women were as warm as that Florida sunshine. It was so sweet to be with old friends from college and family and dear women who I served with in ministry during the big hair days! God was with us.

Thank you to Chris Stevens and Corey Johnson for the beautiful photos! To see the entire photo album, click here. And those of you who joined in the fun at the photo booth can access your pics here.

Big State, Even Bigger Hearts – FGF Highlights, Allen, TX

Can I just say that I love Texas? Everything is bigger in that great state, including the hearts of the women we shared last weekend’s Fresh Grounded Faith conference with. Such a fun group of sweet ladies who love the Lord and showed that in everything they did.

I was extra thankful because I had a horrible bladder infection when the conference was starting Friday evening, and one thoughtful lady ran out to the store to get something to help me feel better, and it worked! That meant so much.

Gutsy Girls – FGF Highlights, Lincoln Park, NJ

This past weekend I was in the diner capital of the world. Do you know where that is?

Well, they’re famous for their tomatoes and they have more race horses than the state of Kentucky. Still don’t know where I was?

Okay, another hint or two… This state is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry production – and my oatmeal thanks them very much! It’s the home of “Lucy The Elephant” and the Statue of Liberty has her feet planted in this state’s waters….

New Jersey!

PicMonkey Collage

Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Walter Windish, for the wonderful photos!

The Sweetest Thing in Tennessee – FGF Highlights

Fresh Grounded Faith is a wrap!

We finished strong and sweet in Clinton, Tennessee this past weekend. And, what a way to finish for the spring!

Those East Tennessee women were the best! I used to think the tea was the sweetest thing in Tennessee until I met those women! We came to minister to them, but, I think they ministered to us even more!


To see the entire photo album, click here to be taken to my Facebook Page. Thank you to Elizabeth Davis for the wonderful photographs.