Can I Believe God Accepts Me No Matter What? [Episode 14]

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Several years ago, my friend Lisa texted me to say she was making me a Christmas gift. She wouldn’t tell me what it was, but she did ask, “If one word could become a reality in your life, what would it be?”

Of course, I wanted to pick the perfect word. So, I texted Lisa back, asking her to clarify. She responded with, “You pick the word you most want as a reality in your life. Only you know what it means to you.”

Girl, I have to say this took me a while! Mostly because I was embarrassed to admit the one word that kept coming to mind.

It’s Not Too Late for Your Free Access – Hosea Teaching Videos + Fun Gift

I’ve got 5 pieces of good news for you today (psst…and a cute gift), and they’re all from the Old Testament book of Hosea…

  • If you are broken, God will restore you.
  • If you wander off, God will find you.
  • If you are afraid, God will reassure you.
  • If you are ashamed, God will cover you.
  • If you give up on your faith or give in to lies, God will never ever give up on you.

If you need this truth to be real in your life, then you need to join 13,000 women just like you who are doing my Hosea Bible study online with LifeWay Women!

The One Thing You Need to Know About God’s Love

“Wanna do a concert in my hometown?” my friend, Lori, asked.

It was 1988, and I’d just recorded a CD. Lori thought it would be great if I could sing at some churches in the tiny Mississippi town she’d grown up in. So she then called uncles and aunts and cousins—and friends of uncles and aunts and cousins—until we had a whole hometown tour booked!

The One Thing You Need to Know About God’s Love jpg

One of those nights, I was scheduled to sing in a coffeehouse. When we arrived, the manager warned me, “We could have a full house or nobody at all. I couldn’t afford to advertise.”

I told him I was just grateful for the opportunity. And it was true—at first.

3 Paths Out of the “Mine” Fields

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, How did I get here? When did I become this insecure or envious or threatened or defeated — or whatever place you find yourself that you really don’t want to be?


Oh girl, those are “mine” fields! And, when I find myself stuck in one of them, it’s because I’ve become a faulty bow.

Let me explain! When we are bent on going and getting our own way, we “… are like a faulty bow” (Hosea 7:16, NIV). It’s a poetic way of saying we can easily become misguided and land where we don’t want to be.

Straight Talk: Why I Wrote Invisible

Many of you have wondered what my new book, Invisible: How You Feel is Not Who You Are, is about and why I wrote it.

So, I wanted to share with you a conversation I had recently with my daughter-in-law Caroline discussing this very thing.


How Not to Pronounce Hosea

Do you ever feel insecure if you are asked to read the Bible out loud?

You know, some of those Bible words can trip you up!

Well, if you think you have issues with pronouncing Biblical words, you should hear my computer try to do it! In fact, I want you to hear my computer read from the book of Hosea!