Swallowed Up In Sweetness – FGF Highlights, New Orleans, LA

I’m still finding powdered sugar! Yep, it was in my hair, on my jeans, and on my eyelashes! Those New Orleans folks know how to pour on the sugar — and, I’m talking about those beignets, beignets, and more beignets! If you’ve never had one, oh girl, they are the most delicious fried dough with mounds of powdered sugar dumped on top of them.

PicMonkey Collage-FGF New Orleans

Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Dallas McGlinn for the beautiful photos!

Gutsy Girls – FGF Highlights, Lincoln Park, NJ

This past weekend I was in the diner capital of the world. Do you know where that is?

Well, they’re famous for their tomatoes and they have more race horses than the state of Kentucky. Still don’t know where I was?

Okay, another hint or two… This state is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry production – and my oatmeal thanks them very much! It’s the home of “Lucy The Elephant” and the Statue of Liberty has her feet planted in this state’s waters….

New Jersey!

PicMonkey Collage

Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Walter Windish, for the wonderful photos!

Back Where It All Began – FGF Highlights

What an incredible weekend!

I can’t imagine a better way to start our Fall Fresh Grounded Faith season than with what we experienced in Waco, Texas last weekend!
Image (3)

Click here to see the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Chelsea Pershall for all of the wonderful pictures!
Waco is near and dear to my heart because Fresh Grounded Faith began there nearly eight years ago!

Burdens were Lifted in Blountville – FGF Highlights

“What burden did you bring to the conference and how can we pray for you?”

That was one of the questions during Spill the Beans in Blountville, Tennessee this past weekend.


Want to see more pictures from our weekend in Blountville? Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Larry Michael Grogan for the wonderful photographs.

If you’ve never been to an FGF, you may not know that not only do we give the sisters a venti size portion of fresh grounded truth, but we also find out what they want to know. We ask them to write down their questions and, then, we sit around the bistro table and answer… We spill the beans!