Cooking with the Blind and the Blonde: Recipe for No-Bake Energy Bites

So, Sunday night I decided to be spontaneous with my friend Angela and turn on Periscope while we made No-Bake Energy Bites.

The result was laughter and lots of Periscopers joining us in my kitchen.

Lots of women asked for the recipe and I told them I would give it to them right here on my blog. So, here it is sisters!


It’s easy, fast and so, so good! And, if you aren’t on Periscope yet, join me on Periscope to get in on the fun!

I’ve Got Moves

I only had 30 minutes between flights. That’s a pretty tight layover even when you’re seated in the first row of the plane and able to get off first. It’s tight even if you can see and run like a sprinter through an airport. But, when you’re blind, have to wait for airport assistance and are stuck in the back of the plane … well … 30 minutes is almost impossible.

airport 5

So, as we taxied in, I knew there was only a small chance I would make my next flight. I signaled the flight attendant and told her my situation and asked, “I know it’s your policy for those needing assistance to get off the plane last, but can you walk me out as soon as we land so I can make my next flight?”

What Do You See?

This is the last blog of a five part blog series over Mark 8:22-25. For 5 blog posts now we have been in Bethsada with the blind man and Jesus.I have learned so much from him about spiritual blindness and Jesus’ touch on all our lives. I hope you have too. Here are the links if you want to catch up. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4

I think for centuries, the “blind man from Bethsaida” has been misrepresented. He is not actually the “blind man from Bethsaida,” he is actually the “formerly blind man, now sighted man from Bethsaida!” I love that. It should remind me; remind all of us, that our past does not define us. It impacts who we are, but it does not define us. Jesus’ touch on our lives is what defines us.

I Want to Lead the Blind, Not Be the Blind

This is the first of a five part blog series post meant to encourage you to think deeper about Scripture. I know these posts are not the traditional “bloggy” kind of writing, but it is true to my style and approach in studying God’s Word. Come take a walk with me through God’s word.

Wanna go to Bethsaida with me? There is someone there I want to observe and learn from. He is blind. So, for the next few blogs, I am just going to read his story and meditate upon what he is telling me from centuries past. It’ll be kinda like thinking out loud. So I want to know your thoughts, too.

I invite you to come with me and give your observations too! Let’s learn from each other.